Chloë Saï Breil-Dupont


Born in 1990 in Les Lilas, lives and works in Berlin and Paris.

Attached to the uniqueness of oil painting, Chloë Saï Breil-Dupont’s work questions the fate of images and the worlds they contain. The artist builds her own database, like an atlas of memories and people she knows, and extracts images from it which she paints on small wooden cassettes. The models of these compositions try to hold in their arms these small images of recovery, to which they face their silent presence. It all merges into an ubiquitous subject of what is stifled or hidden, ancient times difficult to remember and forbidden cultures.

Graduated from Art schools of Biarritz and Annecy (2015) Chloë Saï Breil-Dupont moved to São Paulo, where she studied philosophy at the university and assisted several artists. After three residencies, at Ateliers Wonder, Dune Pondichéry and Villa Belleville (end of 2017), she moved to Carrara and then Berlin.


Cobalt mystique,
portrait de Yann, 2021
Oil on canvas,
190 x 140 cm / 4,8 x 55,2 in.
Courtesy of the artist
Le vent se lève,
portrait de Christophe, 2020
Oil on canvas,
100 x 130 cm / 39 x 51 in.
Courtesy of the artist
Infra Angelica,
portrait de Leïla, 2021
Oil on canvas,
25 x 25 cm / 9,8 x 9,8 in.
Courtesy of the artist
Horn of Plenty,
portrait de Laura, 2020 
Oil on canvas,
74.8 x 55.1 in.
Courtesy the artist