Nicolas Roggy


Nicolas ROGGY

Born in 1980, Nicolas Roggy lives and works in Paris.

His abstract work focuses on the painting process by superposing successive layers, then removing some parts by scratching, to better reveal additions of visual elements including stencil and silkscreen patterns. His abstract paintings, visually punctuated by music and its vibrations, comes out from this spontaneous process.

He has exhibited in solo shows in galleries in Paris and New York and in group shows at FRAC Limousin (2017), Fondazione Maramotti (2016), 
FRAC Pays de Loire (2016), Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo (2014). 
His work is part of the collections of FRAC Limousin & Pays de Loire, 
Société Générale (France), and Fondazione Maramotti (Italy).

Martos Gallery (New York)

Sans titre, 2012
Collage, gesso and pensil on wood
 53,5 x 48,4 in.
Courtesy Martos gallery (NY)
Sans titre, 2012
Collage, gesso and pensil on wood
15,2 x 11,6 in.
Courtesy Martos gallery (NY)
Sans titre, 2016
Gesso, acrylic medium, pigments and oil, and acrylic paints on aluminium
92,9 x 78,7 in.
Collection Bredin Prat Foundation for contemporary art
Sans titre, 2014
Gesso, acrylic medium, pigments, acrylic paints, serigraphy on PVC
87 x 93,7 in.
Courtesy Société Générale (Paris)