Sol Calero



Born in 1982, she lives and works in Berlin.

From his South American heritage, Sol Calero, who now lives in Europe, builds works mixing painting and sculpture that form a syncretism stemming from his own migration. Always connected with the exhibition space and the architecture, its paintings of exotic fruits, patterns of frames painted on the canvas, sculptures taking the forms of ex-voto and framed murals, are a way of reflecting on the glances that one is dealing with the world according to its origins.

Born in Venezuela, Sol Calero graduated from the art schools of Tenerife and Madrid and experienced research fellowships in Manchester, Barcelona and Berlin. Her work has been exhibited in solo shows at the Tate Liverpool (2019), the Kunstverein Dusseldorf and Lisbon (2018), the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum Rotterdam (2018), the Kunsthaus Bregenz and Art Basel. statement (2017).

. Crêve Cœur (Paris)
. Barbara Gross (Berlin)
. Laura Bartlett (Londres)

Supporting curator Dorothée DUPUIS (director of and independent curator) presents the work of Sol CALERO to the jury on June 27th, 2019 at the Bredin Prat Foundation in Paris.

Solo Pintura II, 2018
 Acrylic and mosaïc on canvas, 
70 x 59 in.
Frutas Friestail 10 , 2018
Acrylic, oil and mozaic on canvas
23,6 x 15,7 in.
Exhibition view, galerie Crèvecœur, Paris, 2018 
Courtesy Aurélien Mole
Exhibition view, Kunsthalle Lisbonne, 2018
Courtesy Bruno Lopes