Zander Blom


Born in 1982 in Pretoria (South Africa).
Lives and works in Johannesburg (South Africa).

Zander Blom has become an artist without going through art school. 
His first major body of work, The Drain of Progress, was shown 
in Johannesburg (2007), Cape Town (2008) and London (2009).
His exhibition The Travels of Bad followed, showing in Johannesburg and Cape Town (2009). Subsequent solo shows have taken place at the Savannah College of Art in Savannah and Atlanta (United States) (2011-2012), 
Galerie van der Mieden in Antwerp (Belgium) and at the 5x6x9 gallery in Berlin (Germany) (2010), in addition to the Stevenson gallery.
His group shows include The Evolution of Art 1830-2140 at the Kuckei + Kuckei gallery in Berlin (2013), 
The Global Contemporary: Art worlds after 1989
 at the ZKM Center for Art 
and Media in Karlsruhe (Germany) (2011), Ampersand at the Daimler Contemporary in Berlin (2010); and .ZA: Young art from South Africa 
at the Palazzo Delle Papesse in Sienna (Italy) (2008).
He is the prizewinner of the third edition of the Jean-Francois Prat Prize (2014).
He is represented by the gallery Stevenson (Cape Town and Johannesburg).

. Stevenson Gallery

1.567 Untitled, 2013 
Huile sur lin / Oil on linen
240 x 145 cm. / 94,49 x 57,09 in.
Courtesy Stevenson (Capetown, Johannesburg)
1.334 Untitled, 2013 
Huile et acrylic sur lin / Oil and acrylic on lnen,
198 x 130 cm. / 77,95 x 51 in.
Courtesy Stevenson (Capetown, Johannesburg)
1.78 Untitled, 2011 
Huile sur lin / Oil on linen
56 x 38 cm. / 22, 05 x 14,96 in. 
Courtesy Stevenson (Capetown, Johannesburg)
1.46 Untitled, 2011 
Huile et graphite sur lin / Oil and graphite on linen, 
107 x 152 cm. / 42,13 x 59,84 in.
Courtesy Stevenson (Capetown, Johannesburg)